Sassi's Top 10 Fashion Films

Sassy Berry

Sassi Classic Rose Swimsuit Black Best Fashion Films

Sophie doing her best film star impression in our Rose Swimsuit.

There is nothing like the glamour of film to inspire your wardrobe. Our founder, Sophie, watched quite a few when designing the first Sassi Swimwear collection.

Here she shares the iconic fashion films that inspired Sassi's glamorous swimwear designs:

Aladdin - Jasmine was the Disney princess we all wanted to be and the perfect style icon for our swimwear collection, which is inspired by the mystique of Asia. 

 Jasmine Fashion Icon - Aladdin Disney

A Single ManAny film directed by Tom Ford will always have me coveting every single outfit. I'm still longing for Nicholas Hoult’s fluffy pink mohair jumper!

Wait Until Dark - This is Audrey showing us how to look fabulous, even when you have to dress blind and fight off an incredibly sinister murderer!

Wait Until Dark Audrey Hepburn Fashion Icon


Grease Divine dresses and slinky jumpsuits from a time when clothes were designed to flatter and emphasise a woman’s curves and “sexiness” wasn’t a dirty word. From start to finish this film is a candy-coloured fashion feast.

My Week With Marilyn – I just adore this film and believe the costume designer, Jill Taylor, deserved an Oscar for her beautifully composed outfits. My favourite is the incredible white, beaded number she wears as Elsie, which inspired our Jasmine bikini. The dress was so delicate it had to be sewn onto Michelle Williams every day for 11 days straight!

My Week with Marilyn - Fashion Film Icons


Breakfast At Tiffany’s I know it’s a cliché, but there’s a reason this film is on everyone’s best-dressed list. Holly Golightly's grace and glamour is how I imagine you to feel when you wear your Sassi on the beach.

Slumdog Millionaire It’s A A Rahman’s music as much as the costumes that make this film such a huge inspiration for me. One of my favourite composers, he truly brings the costumes to life.

Slumdog Millionaire - Fashion Film Icons

Pretty WomanThe clothes in this film are empowering and fun, just like our collection of beaded bikinis and swimsuits. I'm currently working on a swimsuit inspired by Julia Robert's iconic “hoop” dress. 

OctopussyThere is just something irresistible about kick-ass Bond girls in sarees. 

Legally Blonde –  Elle Woods has been my idol for almost 18 years. To me she is the definition of “sass”. She is has a fantastic wardrobe of hot "Sassi" pink and her sequinned bikinis are a serious source of inspiration. 

Legally Blonde Pink Sequin Bikini

 What are your favourite fashion films? Let us know on Instagram (@sassiswim) and Facebook ( 


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