The Sassi Story

All over the world women dread buying new swimwear as the experience has traditionally been so terrible. I set up Sassi Swimwear to change this and instead make women feel beautiful, empowered and comfortable. 

Designed in Brighton, Sassi swimsuits and bikinis are double-lined with beautifully soft Italian fabric and made in one of the few remaining swimwear factories in Britain. The final journey for our swimwear is a trip to our luxury atelier in Bombay, where the skill of the artisans who bead Sassi Swimwear is unrivalled. 

We are proud to support the fashion revolution for fair wages and working conditions, and Sophie has personally been present at both locations during every step of production to ensure every piece is made fairly and to a superior quality. We are also passionate about manufacturing in Britain. 


Sophie Berry Designer Sassi luxury swimwear

Sophie at work with our British factory

Our Swing Tags

We are rather proud of our swing tags, they hold a secret... each label can be planted in soil and will burst into life as beautiful wildflowers within weeks. 

Just our little way of saying thank you to Mother Nature. 


 Our miraculous wildflower swing tags