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We are so excited to have launched this week on the new sustainably-focused Studio British website. It's our first official boutique collaboration and we couldn't be more excited. Here's the interview we did to celebrate the launch.

Studio British: We've been searching far and wide (of course within the British Isles) for a quality swimwear brand and we've recently partnered with Sassi Swimwear, a brand new premium swimwear label to join The Marketplace. The timing couldn't be more fitting given that we're in March (not that's been snowing heavily the last few weeks or anything!). That said, we're pretty much in holiday planning mode and we managed to get some time with Sophie, Founder at Sassi Swimwear, to tell us a bit more about Sassi and why she started her own swimwear collection.

What was your motivation behind Sassi Swimwear?

A passion for the sea, a belief in sculpted swimwear that truly fits “real women” and my love of the vibrant colours and patterns of India. I worked in the lingerie industry for five years and felt there was a gap in the market for gorgeous swimwear that was modelled on and designed for “normal” British women who are rarely a perfect size 8. It was then, at an Indian wedding, that I was knocked sideways by the beautiful sarees and the intricate beaded patterns that guests wore, and I knew that’s how I would make my collection stand out. My colourful designs mimic the amazing embroidery of a traditional saree, but the beads are practically positioned so that they never rub. 

What’s your favourite piece in the collection and why? 

The Bluebell swimsuit was inspired by a drive to our manufacturer in Wales, but I couldn’t decide what colour beading to use against our fantastic cobalt blue. It was a perfectly sunny day and as I drove through England’s green fields, topped with a bright blue sky, I knew it would be a perfect match. 

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What drew you to manufacture here in Britain?

I am passionate about rejuvenating the British textile manufacturing industry after seeing so many highly-skilled women lose their jobs as more and more work is outsourced to Eastern Europe and the Far East, where labour is cheaper but the quality does not always match. The quality we offer here in the British Isles is magnificent, a trait you get because the workers care so much and love what they do, and it should be supported in any way possible.

What are your thoughts on clothing manufacturing here in the UK and where do you think the industry is headed? 

We are at a uniquely interesting time in history as Brexit will decide the future for so many British businesses. As consumers we need to do everything we can to protect the businesses of our neighbours and friends. Globally, we are becoming much more considerate consumers and my hope is that the zeitgeist of “buy local” will be reflected in fashion in the same way that it is for coffee. 

What drew you to Studio British?

Anabel and Ben have an important mission, but above all a really personal approach. They take time to get to know the brands they’ve handpicked and listen to their stories, something that is often missed with larger platforms. 

What do you think makes Sassi different?

In the first instance, the fit of our pieces is exceptional. When producing the collection, I tried each design on 40 different women of all shapes and sizes, a practice that is not really done in most brands, where a size 6 fit model will be used. I personally oversee every step of production, so I know who made the straps of your bikini and I can vouch for their brilliance! Ultimately though, thanks to the beauty of the embellishment, you will dazzle when you wear a Sassi piece. 

Tell us your favourite pick from Studio British

At the moment I have my eye on a Johnstons Cashmere scarf. I also love the Caspian blue Genevieve Sweeney lambswool jumper - I will wear it over our Lotus bikini (which has very similar colours) for the ultimate surf babe look!

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If you're looking for something authentic, of true quality and a bikini that will WOW, check out Sassi Swimwear's collection online now! 

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