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Sassi Swimwear Wedding Day English Italian Church

On 2nd September 2017 I married My One in a church wedding followed by a reception in my parents garden. The theme was English country wedding with just a touch of Italy! 

Back in March, struggling to find "The One" (dress not the husband!), I decided to design my own wedding dress. Of course it had to be based around a Sassi Swimsuit! I used the swimsuit as my body and a beautiful white polka dot dress that belonged to my granny as my skirt. Our wonderful Mumbai atelier worked tirelessly with me to make my dream a reality for which I can never thank them enough. 

Olive Rose Sassi Bridal White Swimsuit hand beaded

My Olive Rose Bridal Swimsuit

Unfortunately, I never did have a chance to wear my "Olive Rose Swimsuit" on the day but I have dedicated this month's blog to its creation. Who knows, maybe one day soon "Sassi's bespoke bridal swimwear" will be open for business? 

The Design

I have always loved the idea that in Italy the bride and groom wear a wreath of olive leaves to symbolise their promise of eternal love and commitment to each other. So I adorned the bridal swimsuit's neckline with a wreath of olive leaves hand-embroidered with tiny little pearls inside each leaf. I think there's nothing more beautiful than tiny, misshapen pearls and I also learnt that they symbolise generosity, purity and loyalty.

Sassi White Bridal Swimsuit Olive Rose Back

The back with 4 hand-beaded pink English roses

Beneath the olives, I chose the English Rose as a thank you to my amazing Mum, who upon hearing of our engagement a year ago, planted the most beautiful rose garden so that it was ready for our wedding day. I can honestly say I've never seen a more beautiful garden than hers last Saturday. Her roses were so gorgeous that I wore them in my hair, beneath my veil, as well as using them as the inspiration for my swimsuit design.  

Clare's Garden English Pink Sophie Roses

My Mum's English Rose now at home in Brighton


  • I was at a wedding in Cornwall the week before yours and the brides went for a “first swim” this would have been great for them, they just wore white swim suits. Defiantly a market out there. These swimmers are beautiful!


  • Stunning stunning stunning perfect honeymoon attire. Which I would certainly be interested in buying ?


  • What a wonderful idea, and simply beautiful transformation into a stunning swimsuit. Can see this one taking off big time! Top marks Sassi darling.

    Granny Berry

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