Our Photoshoot

Can you guess where our photoshoot was taken?

The biggest clue can be found in our photo of Jasmine.

Still haven’t guessed it … it was in bohemian Brighton!

We were passionate about having our photoshoot in a quintessential British seaside location in Britain and Brighton of course ticked all the boxes. 
Brighton Pier Summer Sassi Swimwear
Brighton is a wonderfully exotic place where the influence of India's history is central to its culture - most notably the landmark Brighton Pavilion. It is an iconic British seaside town, but it is its vibrant Indian designs that make it so perfectly Sassi. Sophie planned her first shots at the “Birdcage” Bandstand, as its lattice roof reflected her intricate beading design on the  Lotus bikini, while the striking green of the bandstand intensified the bikini's iridescent peacock beading.
Lotus Bikini Top Sassi Swimwear peacock green
                  Lotus bikini top with iridescent peacock green hand beading
On the day the sun was shining and our gorgeous model Bianca gave us some brilliantly sassy shots despite walking the length of the pier with a stick melting candy floss and posing on a Volleyball court – mid match!
We wanted a really natural feel for our shoot, so despite bringing thousands of props we ended up only using a single gold anklet. The colourful “jewellery” of the swimwear simply meant there was no need to accessorise further. That thrilled us because it means the individual care that has been taken to make these pieces – some take three days to hand-bead alone – are all worth it!
Lotus Bikini Brighton Birdcage Bandstand Sassi Swimwear
 Shooting our Lotus Bikini in Brighton's "Birdcagebandstand

Our photographer Brett enjoyed how the light and reflection of the waves played on the profile of the beading and gave us some really breathtakingly beautiful shots.
You may notice how your eye is naturally drawn to the swimsuit, as in this photo of Rose (below) not the skin of the model. This is because of the graceful silhouette that the fit gives you. When designing her first swimwear collection, Sophie looked at each area of the body and designed swimwear that fits every part of you with a cut that truly flatters every body shape.
Rose Swimsuit Brighton Volleyball Courts Sassi Swimwear
Our Rose Swimsuit

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