Your Most Common Swimwear Problems Solved

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We know exactly how difficult shopping for the perfect swimwear can be. It is a very personal experience and can be unpleasant if you are not treated in the right way. To help make this occasion more enjoyable, we asked you for your most pressing swimwear dilemmas and have given our tips below.

"I hate changing rooms. They're always too small and badly lit so I feel pasty. It always feels like a really stressful experience."

We recommend always trying on new swimwear in the comfort of your own home. By all means you can visit your favourite shop to really feel the fabric, but alternatively, you can order online in just a few clicks. That way you will be able to try your new swimwear with lots of different outfits and your preferred lighting. If it doesn't suit for whatever reason, just send it back. We offer free delivery and returns on all orders for exactly this reason. 

 "I find all the usual swimwear materials a little too revealing"

Nobody wants a slippery nipple or unsightly camel toe to ruin their beach holiday. Do a little research on your favourite brand and look for swimwear with double lining or a thicker fabric weave. We spent months researching the best quality fabric for Sassi and our swimwear is all double lined using our gorgeously soft polyamide-elastane blend, allowing you just enough stretch without being revealing. 

"I need a swimsuit long enough to not give a girl a wedgie! Short legs, long back - that's me" 

This is a much more common problem than you'd think. Most fashion designers think in terms of width with sizes (small, medium and large) but rarely in body length. With our next collection, we're working on regular and long body options for each of our sizes - watch this space! In the meantime, ASOS do a great line of inexpensive swimwear for "tall" and "petite" bodies or if you're looking to spend a little more, Seaspray design with the taller woman in mind. 

"I always hate finding a bikini you love, then noticing it doesn't come as two separate pieces. Most women are different on top & bottom." 

This is an incredibly frustrating problem that occurs all too often with swimwear shopping. The obvious answer is to look for a designer like Sassi that sell their bikinis as separates, so you are free to mix and match as you choose. If you have your heart set on a bikini that cannot be bought separately then we recommend buying the top in the size you need (you will need the most support from this) and finding a good tailor to alter the bottoms. 

"I can never find a swimsuit with proper support for larger boobies" 

"Just because I have big boobs doesn't mean I need an inch of padding to keep them in place!" 

As you can see from the two conflicting statements above, big boobs are a huge dilemma for all swimwear brands. Do you design swimwear with extra support and perhaps sacrifice on style or vice versa? Most brands choose to focus on one or the other; lingerie brands such as Freya and Triumph design swimwear with in-built bras for maximum support, whereas brands like Agent Provocateur, who are aimed at a younger audience, design purely for aesthetic without much regard to fit.

At Sassi, we want to solve this by introducing bespoke swimwear, made to your exact measurements. We are currently still in the planning stages of our bespoke service, but hope to launch it by early 2018. In the meantime, we have carefully engineered our swimsuits to support larger chests. We double up our superior fabric on each design for a flattering silhouette that holds its shape, without being too oppressive. Try one and believe it for yourself!

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