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As the festive season is in full flow, we've started daydreaming about our holidays in the new year. With this in mind, we're are trying something new for our blog and we hope it will help inspire you too. Every month, we are going to share insider secrets to the world's most glamorous destinations from friends who support our mission for slow fashion.

We begin with luxury London lifestyle blogger The Fashion Bug Blog who tell us about her favourite escape - the undiscovered side of Ibiza.   

The Fashion Bug Blog in Sassi Lily Swimsuit

What makes Ibiza so special to you? Ibiza is where my husband and I have spent so much time together and it is where we got married so we have endless memories. The island just has this magical vibe to it that I have never encountered anywhere else. 

Where are you taking us for breakfast? Passion Cafe. What I love about Ibiza is that you can go there and party but you can also go there for a holiday and never see the inside a night club. Yoga and healthy food are a big thing in Ibiza. I think we go to Passion Cafe every single day. What's great is that it is very baby friendly (actually most of the island is) so we can now take our daughter Mila along too! The juices and breakfast options are amazing. 

Fashion Bug Blog Ibiza

The Fashion Bug Blog's gorgeous Ibiza wedding

Tell us about a hidden spot away from the crowds. I love Elements beach club. It literally looks like a fish shack and its definitely off the beaten track. But it's such a beautiful spot and the food is delicious. 

Are there any local specialities or traditions that we should look out for? The Aioli! I eat so much of it every day when I am in ibiza (my poor husband!) as its just so good. Also you definitely have to try a shot (or two!) or Hierbas.

What's your favourite thing to do in Ibiza? Go to the beach clubs and eat! There are so many to choose from. My favourites include El Chiringuito and Experimental. Also Formentera (the sister island) is worth a visit - the water is insanely beautiful.

Favourite spot for a delicious meal? Sa Punta.

Sa Punta Restaurant Ibiza Sassi

Sa Punta Restaurant

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